A glass full of sass suits me just fine.

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25 years old
United States

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SPF: 45
HAIR TINT: copper
EYE COLOR: hazel
OCCUPATION: musician
EDUCATION: bachelor's degree (4 yrs)
SMOKE: not a puff
DRINK: socially
DRUGS: drug of choice: redheads
RELIGION: atheist
DATING STATUS: single & happpy
BODY TYPE: average
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
GENDER: female
MEMBER SINCE: 06/02/2007
LAST LOGIN: 12/25/2007 18:44:57
Fathoms/Apart, Atypical Theme, Pat Benetar, Black 47, Frank Black, Blondie, The Breeders, The Buzzcocks, Johnny Cash, Deadweight, Dimmu Borgir, Drats!, Emperor, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Interpol, Jimmy Eat World, Joydrop, Junior Private Detective, The Killers, Manu Chao, Mastadon, Menomena, The Monsters of Id, Mortimer, Pink Martini, The Pixies, Queen, Radiohead, Robin Black and the Intergalatic Rock Stars, Rufus Wainwright, Sister 7, Slayer, Supergrass, Tenacious D, Tool, The Verve

Yes please

Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Donnie Darko, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Cliche artsie things in different languages, Starship Troopers, Clueless, Heathers, Office Space, Dick, horror films that make me scream, anything Hitchcock, The Big Labowski, Nurse Betty, Girl 6

07/01/2007 12:16:20

I'm terrible at Chess but a legend at Scrabble. I have puzzle fever. I puzzle it up with crosswords and coffee or sudoku and gelato. You can really get me reeling with some trivial pursuit and a brew or two.

People that can cook. And I'm not talking anything from a box-- I like simple fare, whole fare, lacking from American processed fare. Give me the goods without the plunder. I like garnish and large platters. I like mismatched spoons and plastic champagne flutes. I like sitting on the porch with homebrew and chewing out some meaty crossword puzzles. I like fellow puzzlers. I like quirky people. City people. Independent people. Self-assured people. Ego-tastic people. Loud people. Obscure people. Hungry people. Sexy people.

The suburbs.

Local music scene, fast music, slow music, music that makes me hungry, music that makes me feisty, music that makes me randy, music that makes me sleepy, karaoke, singing terribly, singing well, drawing funny faces, cake fights, long open spaces, twirling, coffee and crosswords, cabbage, panoramas, apples to apples, taking photos, spying on people through my windows, scrabble, sushi, tattoos, local brews, dirty martinis, Portland

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From: jerry
12/25/2007 17:46:39
have a good holiday

From: steve
12/25/2007 11:27:45


you've been missed.

From: Sinsin
12/20/2007 20:38:25 latino & latina pride commentsMerry Christmas & Happy New Years to my fellow Redhedds!

09/21/2007 06:58:00
Good morning! Just stopping by to say hello!

From: steve
09/06/2007 22:45:33
buwait.  where you be at????

From: Sinsin
07/20/2007 20:35:58
Happy, happy Birthday!

From: steve
07/20/2007 17:39:14

Happy birthday yo! Have a drink for the 'hedds tonight.

From: GingerBurg
07/20/2007 09:53:04
Happy birthday Machine

From: Sinsin
07/13/2007 22:23:32
Well it's that time again...IT'S THE WEEKEND!  Have a great one!

From: Sinsin
06/30/2007 04:25:04
Have a great weekend.  Cheers!

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