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fishing,stooting,snowboarding/hiking when i get the chance.

casino,the departed,dumb and dumber,carlito's way, donnie brasco,the wind that shakes the barley,micheal collins,a history of violence,in the name of the father,chopper,americian gangster,blood diamond.

anything good,rolling stones,classic rock,irish folk,happy mondays,the pougues.

history,crime,true stories.

Neko Case Fan Atics, Chesticles and Testicles

people who are down to earth,good humour a must, outdoor and sporty.not to loud,laidback.women in sexy underwear :) good cooks.

loud mouths,vain people,liars,dishonest people

up for a laugh, outdoors person.quiet to an extent but not you get to know me

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04/09/2008 17:13:23
Um, I have one grandmother from Italy, she lived there until she was about 18 I think. And all the rest of my grandparents are from Ireland. I'm pretty lucky.  But, I'm from Michigan, more specifically Ann Arbor. I've been to New York once, it was alright. What area are you from?

P.S. thanks for the compliment on my picture!

04/09/2008 03:44:40
Y do u say to sensible? sounds lyk a bit like meself

04/09/2008 01:27:37
I'm a graphic designer ~ so nothing exciting to show on here (I design magazines, websites promotionals, etc. Someday I'll get to retire and go back to my favorite medium--watercolor. ~Cheers, Cass

04/08/2008 22:00:57
Hi!... I really hope I can find some other redheads in my land... there must be someone out there!

04/08/2008 18:12:36
No, not sisters, but friends. My grandpa was on my dad's side. I like your questions! =)

04/08/2008 12:32:08
Actually, I will definitely be visiting Ireland at one point in my life, at least. My grandpa moved to America from Ireland when he was 20, and he always told me that his heart was still in Ireland and that he could see it in me. So, when he died he wrote a letter asking me to take his ashes there, to the Galway coast area. With the economy being so terrible here right now, maybe I'll never come back to the U.S haha.

04/08/2008 05:53:07
Hey!!! thanx for checking out my page!! hw r u neway??? have a gud wekend?? xxxx

04/08/2008 00:29:00
Grad school is going great... thanks for asking :)

04/07/2008 18:07:31
Yeah, I guess I'm in the middle of them, but my friends think I'm pretty boring in that area of my life lol. My birthday is the 28th, it would have been pretty scary if we shared a birthday! I worked for a youth camp over the summer, and I specifically worked with oncology kids from Northern Ireland. Have you ever been there, or do you mostly stay in the Republic?

04/07/2008 17:46:54
Well, yeah I am into cooking but I guess my cooking isn't as cultured as someone who makes Irish dishes in the U.S. haha. I can't say I've never drank, because I used to party a lot. I guess I just kinda grew out of it. So, I really haven't drank in about a year. Maybe a night here or there, but not typically. You big into drinking??