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Traveling, camping, reading, making things, and my motor bikes.

All sorts, from a Wonderful Life, to Second Hand Lions to Black Hawk Down.

Lots from the Fifties. Country folk, Rock classic and any thing that grabs me.

Science Fantasy and Military.
David Gemmel,Robert Jordan, Joe Abercrombie and Steven Erickson.

Honesty and passion.

Bullies, Bigots, back stabbers and liars.

Had a few highs, had a few lows, done a few things, some best forgotten, some I always go on about. But, would not change a thing.
Still get wanderlust. And still go to the edge, to just remind myself I am ALIVE!
The misses says "Im a bit of a devils advocate", but, I just like a good discussion.

Oh, and I can't spell to great either.

My Wife! I was pinned down in a head lock, so I had to put this :0

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01/24/2009 08:08:19

Sun is in the sky, oh why, oh why, would i want to be anywhere else~~~~~~~~~~~

Who sings that?

01/20/2009 16:21:30

01/18/2009 16:56:54
Yep nice day today went for a spin, lots of bikes out ......pity about your battery  are you going away this summer on the bike

01/17/2009 16:48:30

I want to go make tents! in Fresse, there sorted Mr Tea

Oh and dearest sweetheart,  don't go hesitating, ummming n ahhhhring or i am so going to dent your buttock cheeks


01/11/2009 09:32:44
Aw what a bummer ,glad ya got it sorted,I started work on an early the other day 5 am man it was freezing even my 4by4 was all over , but i got there LoL ...... lets hope this is a good year for us all take it easy mr tea  talk to ya soon

01/07/2009 13:21:05
hey there, yeah new years was pretty good i had about ten people over at my house. but i was dissappointed. fireworks are banned from our twon unless you have a special permit and i dont have one so that sucked but it was still fun. whats goign on at the ole homested? have you had a cup of tea yet today? ehhehehehhehehe, couldnt think of any other stupid question to ask. hehehhe. whats your plans for the new year? are you going anywhere special? I have a question for you, but you'll have to look at your inbox.

01/01/2009 17:28:10
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12/31/2008 01:34:30

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12/31/2008 01:21:50

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