"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me the truth!!"

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LAC, Minnesota
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HAIR TINT: copper
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EDUCATION: some high school
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BODY TYPE: athletic
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
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I love the arts - Music, Theater, Dance, Fine Arts! I LOVE IT ALL! I love to travel! I'm really involved in the community and enjoy volunteering. In my spare time I like doing anything adventurous or dangerous. I also like hiking, camping, exploring, drawing, painting, and playing musical instruments like the flute, piccolo, oboe, sax, and piano.

The Power of One, Sweeney Todd, Moulin Rouge, Interview with the Vampire, Into the Wild, Pineapple Express, Mean Girls, John Tucker Must Die, & Seabiscuit.

Anne Rice Books, S is for Silence, Faking 19, My Sister's Keeper, Pride and Prejudice, and Seabiscuit.

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I am attracted to Talent, My Favorite Freckle, GET IN THE RING!!, The Teenage Ginger Club


~ Arrogance
~ Materialism
~ Narcissism

My main two passions are Music and Art, both are a tremendously big part of my life. I enjoy riding my horse Carli, who is a 4 year old Registered Thoroughbred. I love the outdoors - especially when it’s nice out; however, I do not like the sun, nor does it like me. I usually get burnt within 10 minutes of being outside, so I tend to stay in shady areas and use at lot of SPF 50. Typically I’m a night person, I love being outside at night - probably because I don't have to worry about being burnt haha. I'm the most graceful person to stumble across this earth. I see myself as a person who can take on any task or challenge that is dealt to me.

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02/11/2009 02:38:55
aww.. decided to play nice now then did ya?!

02/10/2009 22:40:19
hey how are you

02/09/2009 22:29:05
I'm great. you don't like mondays!?!?! c'mon lol

02/09/2009 19:49:16
On a serious note... my condolences to your roasted epithelial cells- MUWAHHH!

02/09/2009 19:48:17
OHHHHHH!!! I see how it is... come in flash but don't give any flash love, imma figuring you out- punk!

02/09/2009 16:48:53

Ahemmmm... bedroom talk?!

How do you know I didn't look under my bed? I just might check under my bed every day, or perhaps I keep my rocket launcher under there; naturally tis to oblong to keep under my pillow... silly girl ;)!

... was there a surprise under my matress?? 

02/09/2009 16:40:06

*looks around*

Hmmm... well Imma waiting for this 'ass whoopin' but I don't see anyone around; someone decide they couldn't live without moi :)?!




02/08/2009 23:05:15
Hiya. ;)

02/08/2009 21:59:12
heyhey, just stoppin by. how are you?

02/08/2009 20:14:42

Awww... that's too bad- I adore jazz; nothing wrong with some yazzz fruit, silly jazz band! So are we going to be a music major or is this just a pleasure??!

... yes yes, I have messed around with plenty of instruments back in high school- the double reeds were a lil screwy!! 

I play a few things, primarily piano and percussion... Studied jazz piano in college for awhile, was center snare in high school, and gig around town on drum set- I enjoy dabbling!!