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A second chance...
Posted On 07/04/2009 11:00:07 by Timmi_Sixx
Man ok here it is... my ex is a redhead... like all redheads bold n beautiful! headstrong without a doubt... but holy mother fucker did she give redheads a bad name! Almost killing my redhead love for good.. I understand ya'll have the "temper" thing and all but she played me hard!!!
She didnt work or anything and by god did she have expensive tastes! only ever wore wheels n dollbaby!
Like a sucker i got her everything and anything she wanted... in the 12 months we were together i spent $$$$ on her...  like shitloads... and hey i got no probs spendin that type pf money on the person whos ment to be inlove with me... but damn... cause of her i had a contract out on me and i found out shes tellin her male friends to come over to my house to do 'stuff' while im at work and my boys there... then outta nowhere she takes a shitload more of my money and runs off...

Should i judge redheads from this one bad experiance or keep seekin for my little red?


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07/05/2009 19:48:25

Nooooooooooooooooooooo that's an anomaly. Just a bad person, a play with other people kind of person. Unfortunately, sometimes those kinda people are reds

I'd say mostly though, we're fanTASTic

07/04/2009 13:32:16
nooo don.t judge others that way... aldo i'm not expensif :DD and i will not have any temper arround u whahahahaha she was mabey just 12 months long in a period.. well the famale temper then whahaha..  but don't judge mee.. i'm sweet :D wahaha

07/04/2009 12:46:21
i don't have a temper ... but i'm not a woman

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