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Playlists, 3rd edition
Posted On 03/23/2010 23:11:39 by Drowned_Phoenician
so.. i'm late with it this week....  but here is the third weekly playlists post i started a short while ago.  for more information, see my previous two posts on it.....my picks this week:Count Basie  "I'm Beginning To See the Light"Roxy Music  "More Than This"Deftones  "Diamond Eyes"  (single recently released for purchase)Smokey Robinson  "You Can Depend On Me"Clint Mansell  "The Last Man"  (The Fountain movie soundtrack) your lists below.....&... Read More

Chatroulette Video ROFL!
Posted On 03/23/2010 20:56:45 by youtuberedhead

Never Know
Posted On 03/23/2010 15:25:55 by reet1990
Good Afternoon redheddsi am so tired today! i really dont know why though, i got a good amount of sleep, maybe its just all of the work they are forcing down our throats before easter break? anyhow, i watched fireproof last night, a friend suggested it to me and honestly i wasnt expecting such a good movie! i mean yeah, its religious but in all honesty its not bad! i really recommend it to anyone, even if you arent in a relationship. it teaches you about love even in hard times. i played tennis... Read More

I think... I have a problem.
Posted On 03/23/2010 13:24:41 by hillaryperson
I am honestly considering getting this tattooed(tattood? i dunno) on me somewhere:"Malleus mea mentulla est."Which translates to, assuming my Latin is still up to par, "The hammer is my penis."And this will only make sense to people who have seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-along blog....my latest obsession. I think I have a problem. ... Read More

I pooped
Posted On 03/23/2010 00:57:23 by RedScare
That is all. 

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