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Worst Day...
Posted On 08/10/2009 16:22:41 by littleredhairedgirl
It's my daughters 9th birthday today she was happy we went to the New England Aquarium to see the fish, sharks, etc.... We come home to find my beloved best cat who ever lived DEAD on the floor, he was 14. Totally ruined her birthday cause it turned into an impromptu funeral  She says she never wants to have another birthday again


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08/11/2009 20:08:52
ahh thats so sad.
it must have been devestating for you and your daughter.
my cat is about 12, i love her so much, i'm going to be so sad when shes gone.
i hope your daughter is ok. :[/:]

08/11/2009 03:51:08
Aww, what a shame, had it been ill ?

08/11/2009 01:44:13
I am so sorry to hear that... well...but life has to go on...give her sometime and have a calm talk with her...may be she will get over it...

I wish i could wish her...but i don;t think the time to be right..

08/11/2009 00:34:50

08/10/2009 19:32:12
Oh my gosh, Im so sorry!! Thats so sad

08/10/2009 19:12:52
We have had a few cats die out here on the farm. My 7 yr old daughter makes shure i bury each and every one of them properly. I guess here on the farm she has learned about death a little more than other kids. there are times when a pig or calf will die so shes been around that sort of thing all her life.

08/10/2009 18:13:16
ohh, i am so sorry.  i recently lost one who was 16, and my oldest is 20.  he has been with me for half of my life, and is my baby.  I understand.  My son is 10, and his response when my cat died was.. "mommy, can we get a hamster now"  haaa..
kids, im in tears and he is planning another addition.  sorry for her..

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