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Tag: breastfeeding

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Low-level Bacterial Infection...
Posted On 02/19/2009 01:44:49 by Truthy
In the one area I would like to be "normal" I can't be. That would be too simple.
I have to get an infection that is common to cows... it's a common bacteria that lives on human skin, harmless for the most part. Mine managed to get into my milk ducts. oh fun, not. While the treatment is antibiotics, you don't treat it like a yeast infection. Antibiotics for 30 to 60 days! Not the normal 10 day round. My simptoms have persisted: craked and bleeding nipples, and a burning feeling inside my... Read More

Beer does the body good, no joke.
Posted On 01/28/2009 13:15:41 by Truthy
This not just a wives tail people. For lunch I had a sandwich and about 5 onces of beer. Now to understand why a breastfeeding woman would even drink you have to hear the wives tail.If a breastfeeding woman's milk supply starts to decline, all she has to do is drink a beer, and her milk will start to come in like gang-busters.Sounds too simple to me, but several people from church said that when they got really desperate they drank half to one whole beer and within a few hours they where "back i... Read More

Formula! @#$*!
Posted On 01/26/2009 13:29:30 by Truthy
I have had 2 breast infections and my nipples get so stressed and dry that they crack and bleed! I'm moisturizing regularly, which doesn't seen to help.

So at the moment I'm on doctor's order's to pump and bottle feed Ellie, so no to very little blood makes to into the milk. But no my milk supply is going down, I used to get just under 8 onces for every half hour that I wou... Read More

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