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Posted On 02/27/2009 05:20:57 by addiction247recovery257
FRIDAY 27 FEBRUARY – I’m burying myself in preparing the powerpoint presentation for the Dual-Diagnosis conference next Friday. That and meeting up with an old mate for lunch. And an 80 miles round trip. Will I survive 86400 x 2??? I tell you 172800 times, YEEEEES!!!... Read More

Posted On 02/27/2009 05:20:24 by addiction247recovery257
THURSDAY 26 FEBRUARY – Woke up late and had to rush to the supermarket for coffee and milk in preparation for my session with CPN today. Long one, all about attachment. How various people have influenced my life. Three positives, three negatives. My father who was never there, except to take me to fortnightly football games. Wow, an average of 90 minutes a week. A step-mother who never wanted children and pushed my head down the toilet because she didn’t lock the door and I walked in. Son’... Read More

Posted On 02/27/2009 05:19:46 by addiction247recovery257
WEDNESDAY 25 February – Busy day catching up on the daily slog blog today. No time to think about anything else. Which is good. This is becoming such an integral part of my everyday routine. Close the day with reflections and thoughts. Then shut down and move on. It’s a pain having to do an 80 miles round trip to do this. Especially in today’s supposedly online Britain and the world, but it’s worth every second. A tribesman in the middle of the bush probably has less to travel. But no ne... Read More

Posted On 02/27/2009 05:19:05 by addiction247recovery257
TUESDAY 24 FEBRUARY – My cold is really wearing me down. A bottle of whisky and green ginger wine would shift it. But no no no. Old behaviour. Have to be feet up in front of the telly, stay warm if a little bored. Fight the triggers and negatives, stay calm and lose any track of time. Lots to do tomorrow. Stay focussed. Completed my assertiveness paper to submit tomorrow. That’s excellent, especially given my headache. Champions League tonight, yeeeees.... Read More

Posted On 02/27/2009 05:18:19 by addiction247recovery257
MONDAY 23 FEBRUARY – Admin day. Three 5 minutes meetings down at the post-addiction learning centre. But hey, 80 miles travel or not, it’s so worth it. Weather meant to be reasonably warm but it’s brass monkeys, thank you the inventor of heaters. No stopping off anywhere, it’s down and up. Got homework to do ready for my next mental health meeting on Thursday and an addiction group meeting tomorrow. So it’s mind on anything and remain clean, serene and positive for the rest of the day.... Read More

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