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My Smart Learning-Disabled Kid
Posted On 10/10/2008 09:46:55 by Auburnette
There was a meeting at the school yesterday for my oldest son, who is 13 and mildly autistic.  He was the first of my children to be diagnosed with a learning disability, with his 8-yr old brother being labeled with autism just a couple of years after him, and the 6-yr old simply was labeled, delayed learning.  But this was many years ago since we discovered this.  My oldest is in a middle school now and this meeting was with the guidance counselor for career planning.  I'm t... Read More

Obama's speach
Posted On 08/28/2008 23:24:07 by GingerNmytwo
Okay red_petite....I'm going to borrow that white flag you waved on my profile for a moment if you don't mind I just want to say...that I just listened to Obama's speach (I could hear the CHEERS as well as see/hear the fireworks from my patio) and well....job well done. It was a great speach regardless of my thoughts and/or conservative ways. The air here in Denver tonight is chilly by way of weather...but almost as if the chills we got from this speach spilled into the air. I don't know how els... Read More

Elephant tusks!
Posted On 08/26/2008 12:42:04 by lizziedrip
There was a book today about Africa, and hunting..The book was about a baby elephants mummy being hunted for her tusks to be sold ... A little girl saved the baby elephant by helping it find other elephants, and to keep it safe from the mean hunters, that may kill the baby also for her/his tusks.. After the story was read to the child, one of the children asked 'why did they kill they mummy elephant'teacher 'because the tusks are worth ALOT of money' child: 'I went to the zoo, and the... Read More

Funny day :)
Posted On 08/07/2008 13:34:46 by lizziedrip
So, I havent done a blog for a while , so here you are.....  Today, I was yet again at the same nursery that I have been to for a while (Well except last week, .. some of you know about that one) anyways... I was there, as was hovering between, the age of babies to 2 years.. theres 2 different rooms, babies 3mths - 1 year. and the ohter room is 1-2 years . Anyways.. I was in the baby room (younger ones) and they are sooo cute.. very beuatiful children. (yes you needed to know that... Read More

I'm NOT Obsessed...
Posted On 07/22/2008 21:35:00 by JuWells
...with Frankie, swear! Suffice to say I've never had such a "cool" cat as yon Frankinscense (sp). All my cats have been a) female (except for Calypso (who was totally Calliope until I found out he was a boy), and I didn't have him that long before I hadda give him and Persephone up to go to 'puter school but that's yet another loooooooooooong boring relevant to no one story so I won't tell it at this juncture) and b) very shy with strangers (except for Hallie who would do "shows" for people, sh... Read More

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