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Musings of a Journey for the Truth #5
Posted On 09/18/2009 09:43:34 by Dr_Cornelius_Spunkwater
I’ve already established that the man who says in his heart that there is no God is a fool (Ps. 14:1). Now, for the atheist and the agnostic who read this, you must understand that I have not said this, but God has said it, and I always restate what God has made plain. It’s not a matter between you and me, as you may like to think, because I would rather not put it so harshly as God does, as I would say that the atheist is misguided. Regardless, God has said it, and God cannot be wrong, and... Read More

Musings of a journey for the truth #4
Posted On 05/26/2009 19:35:56 by Dr_Cornelius_Spunkwater
It saddens me to say that Catholicism had led many people to believe a false doctrine, a doctrine that scarce in Biblical truths.  Let me say first that this is not an attack. The simple truth is that there are many Catholics in this world, and unfortunately they are being taught a doctrine that is not Biblical, and instead of being led toward the Truth, these poor souls are being gathered and shuffled into the darkness. Through this, I hope to offer a glimpse of the path to walking in the... Read More

Musings of a journey for the truth #3
Posted On 05/15/2009 19:49:35 by Dr_Cornelius_Spunkwater
Let me start by saying that I have borrowed heavily from R.A. Torrey in this writing. In no way is this a completely original piece, although it does contain a good deal of original thoughts in it. But the ideas presented here were originally written by R.A. Torrey, and I have mulled over the ideas a great deal and presented my own thoughts with what Torrey wrote. So in all, the ratio of Torrey to me in this piece is approximately half and half. I felt it important to talk about some of the idea... Read More

Musings of a journey for the truth #2
Posted On 05/13/2009 10:16:40 by Dr_Cornelius_Spunkwater
We should be slaves to righteousness. Simply because we consider ourselves to be under the grace of christ does not mean that we should sin. If that were the case and we were to sin as we pleased, we would still be slaves to sin even though we claim to know God. On the contrary, we would not know God, and we would be in the darkness and away from the light of Christ. If we are to be slaves to sin, it will lead to death. But if we reject the wickedness of this world and become a slave to righteou... Read More

Musings on a journey for the truth.
Posted On 05/12/2009 09:41:40 by Dr_Cornelius_Spunkwater
The events of this past month and some odd weeks have been an intense experience, as at the beginning of it all I felt the awesome power of God’s love come over me and the Holy Spirit filled me. I prayed with all my heart, for the first time in my life, asking the Lord for forgiveness, putting my trust in him, and accepting christ into my heart. It was difficult casting aside the hate I’d carried over my shoulders for so long, thinking somehow I had a right to these feelings after the injust... Read More

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