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Ponderings and Perfections
Posted On 06/26/2009 09:34:18 by n2enigmas
So my vacation is upon me...  I am SO stoked!  I have the weekend to hang with my friends here, then Monday morning - flying out to Boston!  Will spend a week there, getting into as much trouble as possible.  and such perfect timing too - it's been in triple digits here all week, and I HATE that kind of heat.  I LOVE being outside, but not when you sweat sitting still.  So, I've been packing my bag (YES, only ONE bag - I travel light), and have been trying to decide just how important it is to have certain things with me... I don't want to take more stuff than I need...  The conversation in my head goes something like this: 
I should take some shorts... maybe three pairs... but if it's cold and rainy, i'll want jeans instead... yeah, take jeans... but if it warms up i will definitely want shorts... oh for feck. sake, take a couple of both, you can do laundry there if you have to!!!  (yes, I really do reason with myself in my head)  ok, so shorts and jeans picked out, i need tops.  t shirts for just hanging out, cute strappy tops for going out - ooohhh gotta make sure i pack the right bra to go with that shirt - i hate it when the straps stick out... britches - dont forget to pack those (yes, i call 'em britches in my head)... hhmm, could save some space if i don't take any... hehehe, yeah, but maybe i wont wanna go commando for a whole week... ok, ok, i'll pack some britches. oh and my swimsuit - just in case.  i have already decided i am NOT getting in the frigid ocean, but we'll see...  oh shiznit. imma hafta take four pairs of shoes to match these outfits... ah well - i'll make it work...
Needless to say - I was ready to be ALONE by the time i was done chatting with myself about the suitcase!!
Although I love my job - it will be nice to be gone for a week...  Hope the girl covering for me doesn't feck IT ALL UP....
I am not a fan of bugs.  I'm not all girly about it, i just don't like 'em.  So this morning when i walked into the office and had to kill and clean up TWENTY THREE beetles, I was a little pissed...  really?!? where the hell did these things come from?  And why MY office?  There's nothing interesting here....  Not on the beetle level anyway...
It just occurred to me that this office is a bit like being on display at a zoo.  My outside corner is all glass.  So people walk past, peer inside to see what I'm doing, wave if they catch my attention, and move on...  Wonder if I could get away with charging admission...
Got my niece's room finished.  It's fabulous!!  Lime green and dark auqa - it's like walking into an aquarium - hehehe....

I know I've mentioned this before, but - WARM BUTTERSCOTCH SCONES!!!!
Sleeping all the way through the night - YES!!!
simple happiness - the kind that needs no explanation or understanding of "why".
Comprehending my first class of accounting - WOOT!!
Key Lime Pie Martinis
Saw the cutie-patootie redheaded Culligan guy again - yummy....
slow dancing in my kitchen with my guy for no reason other than we were both there
being prepared for vacation - mentally, physically, AND financially
Joan Jett's "I Love Rock N Roll" - I will stop WHATEVER I'm doing and "karaoke" this song - heaven forbid I'm driving when it comes on, cuz everyone gets a concert!!!
Have a wonderful weekend and week FULL of your own Perfections!!!!!!

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06/29/2009 05:59:50

Haha, that sounds similar to me and my packing, I'm hopeless at it in the end though, I end up taking everything and sitting on the suitcase to zip it up. Hope you have a great time away, have lots of fun, fun, funnnnnnnn.

Ummmmm warm butterscotch scones....ok now I am salivating...

06/27/2009 08:06:30
Have a great vacation Jen, watch out for those Bostonians they're a bit leary

06/27/2009 04:54:37
Going on holiday eh, you sure it ain't got something to do with Michael Jackson ? Bit of a coincidence init ?

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