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redhead beauty book
Posted On 03/29/2009 23:50:01 by daylemarie
so for a couple of years i have been toying with the idea of writing a redhead survival beauty guide... done right...  :)i wonder if i could actually do iti know nothing about publishing.... Read More

Sleeping Beauty.
Posted On 01/17/2009 13:21:56 by lizziedrip
Hey Guys ,I hadn't done a blog for a long while. However, yesterday at my new job, I was reading a book to a 3 lovely children (all boys). They wanted to read 'Sleeping Beauty'. So I did as I was ask.I'm sure everyone know's what Sleeping beauty is all about. During the book, the boys where all snuggled up next to me, listening intently. Then one of the boy's  pointed to the Prince, and said it was him. Then he pointed at the Princess and says 'Thats you.' looking up at me.I was sooooo... Read More

Redhead Beauty
Posted On 11/15/2008 11:40:09 by Raqueluchi
On my daily rounds, I had the almighty luck of stumbling across this breathtaking collection of redheaded-loveliness and I knew, I just knew that here on RH, in the bowels of the blogs, hidden under survey upon survey, I would find some kindred spirits with whom I could share this treasured find.....

(elpelo, this should keep you happy for a while......)


ENJOY!!!!!!... Read More

The Plainer of the Janes
Posted On 05/29/2008 01:44:06 by JuWells
Just stumbled upon this article (can't remember how) and, well, I loved it and wanted to share. If you're male, read it. You'll be glad you did.If you're female and have ever felt that you were a little plain or off or just not "gorgeous" or whatever? READ THIS, it will make you feel fantastic about yourself (trust me, trust me, TRUST me). Love to the room, and let's begin:  PIECES OF YOU
That crooked nose. That untamed hair. The enormous appetite. The hottest girl in the room isn’t who... Read More

Posted On 05/04/2008 07:18:33 by EuniceCrankyponts
Songs I have a thing about making up little night time songs for my children to fall asleep to. Although, I have not sung them in a while - I think I must share these with all of you. The first is a song for my daughter as she has this thing about tickling her feet so she can fall asleep and I am more than happy to oblige but she insists I sing this song when I do it:

The Tickle My Song   Ma... Read More

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