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Tag: cruelty

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"ugly" is ugly
Posted On 04/01/2009 15:40:25 by Raqueluchi
I simply need a small space to vent some ire I have inside, and as this is a kind of "home from home" for me, here is where I shall vent....

I was out having a few drinks with some friends on Friday night for my birthday, some girlfriends and me for my birthday.  We're all very different, different backgrounds etc. but we all get on pretty well.  One of my friends made a comment about a guy in the bar saying how ugly he was.  And I simply jumped straight down her throat.... Read More

P.E.T.A. is a fraud!!!
Posted On 12/03/2008 11:10:56 by mrwright82468
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a group that complains bitterly when animals die accidentally in horse races or intentionally in slaughterhouses, killed more than 90 percent of the adoptable animals in its care during 2007.  Last year, PETA wrangled with the Virginia government for nine months before its 2006 records were finally made public. In a cynical bid to hide the outrageous percentage of animals that wind up in their giant walk-in freezer, PETA's leaders tried to lump... Read More

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