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Tattoo Ideas
Posted On 03/15/2012 16:09:08 by Holly
Heya guys! So I'm thinking about possibly getting a tattoo. Which is pretty crazy for me. lol I'm very picky, and I want something tasteful, small and of meaning. I'd like it to be pure black or possibly gold...but I can't seem to find pictures of any great "golden" tattoos that i like. I'm not sure if they have ink for that yet... I'd firstly like to have a lion (which represents strength). A "prancing" one, to give you an idea and then somehow incorporate, either in latin or in symbols "m... Read More

Living Art via Redheads
Posted On 03/24/2010 18:57:08 by sarahredhead
Last week I did something I have wanted to do for over 2 years.....get a real Henna tattoo by an authentic artist. Liat is from Israel and has been in the US 8 years. She is a Jew and she and her sisters have been Henna artists for over 10 years. I asked her if she would use me as a blank canvas and do my hand in the traditional Israeli Henna artwork. She was thrilled. She taught ME something while she painted:

"Did you know out of all the world's peoples, those who have red hair and fre... Read More

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