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The Great Search for Truth!!!
Posted On 11/07/2009 18:34:24 by fashionprincess

If you are bored one evening or are just looking to enjoy some quality writing, consisting of the daily happenings of an Irish male, living in Canada, written in an accessible yet hilarious fashion then I HIGHLY reccommend, my close and fabulous friend Micheal's Blog.

This self entitled "The Great Search for Truth" is exactly what Mickey D is looking for in a modern world hit by recession and gloom. He moved from a small town in Mayo in the west of Ireland, to the bright area of Vancouver, in the hopes of grabbing enough cash together to kick start a new life style.


In the blog, which is regularly updated, and which reads like an addictive article of his daily life, one can only be drawn to the Irish humour that Mickey D can only so individually deliver.


He is currently between jobs and like so many writers, he has taken upon the "November Novel" challenge, whereby, writers aim to start and produce a few chapters of a potential novel by the beginning of December. Throwing around a few ideas on paper, or microsoft word as the case may be, but he has taken a stab at it, has even decided to put me in it, as the redhaired cailin who has caught the eye of one of the characters. Not a bad claim to fame I'll admit, as Mickey was pretty true to me in the description and I love him for it.

He also has had a play picked up bt the Druid Theatre and made its debut reading during the 2009 Galway Arts Festival, which was a major acheievement for the Mighty Mayo Man himself!

So, the link to this escape out of the ordinary is as follows:


One can subscribe to the blog or simply take a gander at his previous entries. If you're not Irish some of the humour from the small town in Mayo may be somewhat lost on you but the addiction of the letter 'h' randomly to words such as 'stop' and 'stare' will become 'shtop' and 'shtare'. This is to empahsise the accent of the area and also the age of the individuals.

On the left hand side, there is the link called "November Novel", take a peek, you may enjoy it, remember it is a work in progress, full editing has yet to take place and only a few chapters appear so far!

It is set in my home county of Galway and all the places and street names listed do actually exist.

If you do read this blog and Mickey D's blog/novel, please do leave me a comment or a mail message and let me know what  your thoughts are on them, even if it's to ask a meaning of a word or phrase. I can then pass on the compliments/criticisims/thoughts to Micheal and it will aid in constructive criticism of his work.

Enjoy it, I know I did and still do!


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