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Hair Donation
Posted On 10/30/2009 14:16:29 by GingerRoute
It has been a long battle and a whole year and a half but i have finally reached my goal length of hair (over 8 Inches) so i can donate my long Beautiful hair to the Canadian cancer Society. Iin hopes that some lady/man will really be really appreciative to have some Beautiful Red lochs. it's a goal i set out for my self (as a man it is uncommin to donate hair and even more so as a Coppertop man) so it is kinda of a statement at the same time. i had to battle with boss's and parents and girlfrie... Read More

Cancer Myths
Posted On 03/30/2008 22:52:10 by JuWells
I thought this was interesting, since I believed a lot of these, too.

Breast Cancer: Busting Common Myths Posted Tue, Oct 23, 2007, 1:18 am PDT As we work to raise awareness of breast cancer this October, a new telephone survey by the American cancer Society (ACS) shows that a surprisingly large number of Americans still believe unsubstantiated claims about cancer.
The saddest part of this news is that the least-educated and informed individuals are among those most affected... Read More

Project Spread the Wealth
Posted On 03/10/2008 21:42:42 by Billay
Alrighty, here's a sub-branch of Project Carrot Top. It's caled Project Spread the Wealth. Basically I'm thinking, red hair is prized. Needless to say. It's hot, people like it. It's rare, and thus exotic. Something I think which is really cool is donating hair to make wigs for cancer patients. It's really cool, there are sites set up for it (each specific to where you live, mostly), and I can think of no better gift for those brave kids who are able to face something like cancer and beat it, th... Read More

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