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Posted On 11/16/2009 19:07:18 by EuniceCrankyponts

As I arrived home from picking up my daughter from school today, I noticed that my mailbox was jam packed with more than I am used to receiving. As I opened the lid to the box, I noticed a distinctive white envelope with the REDHEDD.com logo on it.


I thought, to myself, "Self, what could this be? Could this be the highly coveted Eunice Crankyponts/rehedd.com gold and diamond encrusted crown?". Then I came back down from the clouds and flight of fancy and tore in to the white envelope. Dare, I gush at my finds?


Well, when have you known little ole me not to gush? "Awwwwwwwwwwwww- YAY!" , I thought. Inside the envelope was a brand spanking new Redhedd.com T-shirt AND not one, but two redhedd.com stickers/decals....of which, I will place on my rear window - and advertise my beloved redhedd.com. In addition, I received two rehedd.com business cards to go with my collections. [= 


Steve, I hope you know that I advertise redhedd.com every chance I get. Word of mouth advertising may have caused on or two recruits.



I am happy with my unexpected GIFT! Thanks Steve - how much do I owe you other than my unyielding devotion to redhedd.com. Okay, I promise to write more blogs and I have to say that I have a massive blog in the works. I've been working on it for over a month but I am not ready to release it because it needs sprucing up. If I released the blog now, it would take up WAY too much room on the server and the server would crash - SO, the blog is in the final stages of editing and once complete - redhedds everywhere will have a fairly entertaining read.


In all seriousness - I have been somewhat out of commission because I am still reeling from the happenings at the beginning of October and my illness, albeit in what I like to call "remission" is still an uphill battle. NO - people, I do not have cancer or any life-threatening disorder that is, unless you consider suicidal ideation life threatening (which, I do).


Alrighty then, so that's it in a nutshell, I was wasting away on the good ship lollipop with Nurse Ratched, Billy Bibbitt, and Randall McMurphy... I was part of the mental defective league.


The hilarious part of this entire adventure - I was asked by several of the other patients why I was there because I seemed TOO SANE......hmmm...to seem too sane by behavioral health patients.....isn't that an oxymoron?



Have nice whatever,

Eunice Crankyponts

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11/21/2009 15:28:12
Awww thankees. :)

11/21/2009 07:57:12
Well who is more deserving... thats right.. no one... You got it going on and make lots happen here and in a million other places you grace.. xoxo

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