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All good fun :)
Posted On 06/15/2008 10:16:35 by LizLizLiz

Well, I noticed its been donkeys years since my last blog, I mean for reals- an entire 13 days!?!?! :O

So I thought Id do a quick catch up :)

Wellllll, Im still ill. I know right- Ive had this EVIL virus for like six weeks, and I feel like a dog...a dog whos downing hot lemons :(. Its extra mean too, coz its SOO pritty outside here, its summer and sunny and not raining etc, and Im inside illing it up. I gotz to get better soon mind, my sisters get back from uni this week!!... Read More

Ethrad: Alpha Fall
Posted On 06/08/2008 08:39:45 by Ethrad
Anticipations, beyond comprehension.
Do either fail? Glorious, he'll interpret justice.
Killing liars; madness, madness, madness, mad!... Read More

BIG EVENT: Redhedds on the Today Show, St. Patty's in NYC!!
Posted On 02/25/2008 14:25:24 by steve

The Today Show has invited as many redheads as can uncomfortably cram (it's gonna get steamy, 'hedds) into the square at Rockefeller Center for a spectacle neither with peer in history memorial nor to be matched for millenia to come. Not only will all of you who attend be on hand to support the redheaded cause on the most redheaded of Days, St Patrick's day, (Monday) March 17th, but you'll also get a chance to flash your pretty (and handsome) redheaded mugs to 6 million (possibly more thank... Read More

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