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Catherine Tait...
Posted On 12/17/2009 10:34:40 by Gemmell
Warning this does contain some colourful language, so if your easily offended then go no further, for all those who don't mind a bit of French.. its all here..    ... Read More

Lost's Sawyer: Shut It Ginger
Posted On 01/25/2009 12:13:12 by gingerismdotcom
In this clip from episode 1 of season 5 of Lost, Sawyer says to Charlotte "Shut it ginger, or you're gettin' one too", during an altercation with Daniel Faraday. Check out the video: Shut It Ginger
... Read More

Just. Freakin'. Brilliant. BRILLIANT!
Posted On 09/15/2008 03:23:14 by JuWells
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as Palin and Clinton on the premier of SNL. Just freakin' brilliant, in my opinion   ... Read More

Posted On 09/06/2008 03:19:50 by JuWells
...resist, sorry! (Jon Stewart is one of my heroes and so sorry (sorta) but I find this hilarious)  ... Read More

Bernie Mac Died :(
Posted On 08/09/2008 21:27:01 by JuWells
I can't believe it, it's so sad. I loved his show and I loved him in the Ocean's movies and his raunchy stand up.

What a bummer, yo. :(

Friends and co-stars of comedian Bernie Mac are speaking out following his Saturday morning death.

"The world just got a little less funny," Oceans 13 co-star George Clooney said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight. "He will be dearly missed."

Adds Oceans' co-star Don Cheadle, in a statement to E!: "This is a very sad day... Read More

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