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"Airtraffic Control, its me, coach class row 13...."
Posted On 03/04/2010 03:41:18 by Lunarstorm777
"Airtraffic control, its me, coach class row 13, I've got this sinking feeling, is everything alright?" ~ Jets to brazilAirtraffic control So as everyone in America has learned ::Gasp:: an Airtraffic controller took his kids to work and let them talk on the radio.... ITS ANARCHY!!!!! RUN!! HIDE!!! THE END IS NIGH!!
On a more realistic note, lets be serious here for a minute.... Yeah, it was against everyone's rules to take the kids there, SIDA rules, FAA rules, blah blah blah.... We understan... Read More

Non Rev Travel
Posted On 03/25/2009 05:16:05 by Lunarstorm777
So, fun and games are on for my best friend and his family. He's being deployed soon to afghanistan with the army, which of course he's pissed about, but is part of being in the military I suppose..... So, before he gets shipped off to a little slice of hell, he wants to come home for a week to see all of us and have some fun...... Here in lies the problem......He's been trying to get out of colorado springs for 2 days now on a non rev pass..... Always a dangerous proposition because basically y... Read More

Continental 3407
Posted On 02/15/2009 06:43:47 by Lunarstorm777
Well, as most everyone in the US has heard by now, we lost one of our flights a few days ago. Continental 3407 went down in icing conditions around buffalo, New York. The thing that kinda made me perk up was the mention of wing icing possibly being the cause of the crash. I thought, "Wow, this seems really freaking familiar", and sure enough I was right. Wayyyyyy back in 1994, American Eagle flight 4184, a french made ATR - 72, collected too much wing ice and subsequently rolled and nose dived i... Read More

Express Jet first officer
Posted On 02/10/2009 06:19:49 by Lunarstorm777
Ok, this is going to be one of the most random blogs I've ever made, but so be it.Yesterday, while at work, I was doing my usual routine at around 6pm. I'd just finished up with one airline and had moved down to our other one at the airport. I'd just parked my tug in front of our operations area and walked over to my friend who was in charge of the ERJ sitting at the gate. We talked for a moment or two and I got caught up on the status of the flight and all the fun details only a ramp rat can ap... Read More

Airforce One
Posted On 01/23/2009 03:49:38 by Lunarstorm777
-----Attention all airport workers-----From: The F-Ay-AyTo: All airport personelSubject: Airforce one      The F-Ay-Ay is pleased to announce that upon January 20, 2009, airport personel will no longer have to remain completely off airport property while Airforce one is present. Effective January 20, 2009, d**k Cheney will no longer be onboard the aircraft and therefore your brightly colored safety vests will no longer present overly tempting targets to this expert Quail... Read More

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