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Quick movie tip
Posted On 02/19/2010 04:14:21 by Raqueluchi
Just a quickie...If you haven't seen it already, and in particular if you appreciate the beauty of a red-headed and VERY FRECKLEY woman, you really must try and get to see A SINGLE MAN with our very, very adorable Julianna Moore.  For some reason she seems to be showing her incredible freckles more than she has ever done before and she is, truly, magnificent, infact it's hard to take your eyes off her whenever she has a scene.  If she doesn't win her Oscar for best supporting actress,... Read More

The John Wayne of Redheads!
Posted On 07/31/2009 00:41:59 by VeryWellRed
Does the name Kenneth Tobey mean anything to you? Probably not. In fact I just learned this actor's actual name tonite after searching the web. I just had to look into who this red was. If you're into old/classic movies and TV like I am, I KNOW you've seen him. Either he's a supporting actor or a seemingly familiar extra.   He's been in everything from Westerns to SciFi to tv!  He can  be the brave guy, or the rough and tough bad guy.  Us guy reds really don't... Read More

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