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US Census
Posted On 03/16/2010 21:17:50 by CopperNinja
I filled out my census today.  I listed my race as "Other" and filled in "Ginger."  (For those in other countries, we don't have the same negative connotation associated with that word that some of you might)

I urge others to do the same.  The reason is that we stand to benefit from being considered a separate demographic group.  Rather than being lumped with other caucasians, we can define ourselves as a separate group.  This would allow us additiaonl visibility... Read More

Posted On 01/31/2009 05:40:32 by Raqueluchi

Last night, whilst sitting making paper aeroplanes with napkins at work and waiting for the odd customer to even just look in through the window, my boss and I sat down and did the maths, prompted by an article in the newspaper discussing Obama's recent tirade at the banking sector.

It's old hat now, I know, but going back to last autumn, and Bush's 700,000 million dollar bailout plan for the financial institutions, we scribbled down some numbers and realised the following:
... Read More

Don't go NUCULAR!!!
Posted On 10/09/2008 02:42:47 by Auburnette
My son and I were in his room a couple of days ago, taking care of our rodents (we have a hamster and some gerbils) and in our conversation, he uh, what's that term?  Transposed some of the syllables?  Like saying jufistication instead of justification, for example.  It reminded me of an article I had just read in which the subject was the improper pronunciation of NUCLEAR by prominent people with the emphasis being on George W. Bush.  So, out of curiosity, I asked my 13 yr o... Read More

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