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Shaun White - The Animal
Posted On 02/15/2010 17:24:27 by gingerloveca
Shaun White of team USA is by far the most famous ginger at the 2010 winter olympic games in vancouver. He has won a gold metal in every single X games held since 2002 and is also a medal winning skateboarder. This guy has overcome some serious adversity in his life as he had a congenital heart defect when he was a kid. Read More...
... Read More

Furry friends and thoughts
Posted On 04/07/2009 19:57:49 by littlered
A bit of randomness.  

Today I opened the door in my kitchen to let Scooby my Doggy outside. Nothing unusual, done it countless times before. So off out she goes, to have a sniff or a toilet or a smoke ( don’t always watch her you know)  After a while I call her and she does not appear, so I pop my head around the door and she is in the middle of some rather delicate business. So I  push the door too, slightly ajar, so she can get on and do her business in peace. After a... Read More

P.E.T.A. is a fraud!!!
Posted On 12/03/2008 12:10:56 by mrwright82468
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a group that complains bitterly when animals die accidentally in horse races or intentionally in slaughterhouses, killed more than 90 percent of the adoptable animals in its care during 2007.  Last year, PETA wrangled with the Virginia government for nine months before its 2006 records were finally made public. In a cynical bid to hide the outrageous percentage of animals that wind up in their giant walk-in freezer, PETA's leaders tried to lump... Read More

Made me Giggle (Cute Animals)
Posted On 09/27/2008 23:00:16 by JuWells
This made me giggle:  
Ninja Cat @ Yahoo! Video   This made me "awwwwwwww!!"
Ultra Kawaii - Odd Pet Pairs - cute puppies, funny cats @ Yahoo! Video... Read More

Early Morning Adventure
Posted On 09/18/2008 07:56:57 by JuWells
Started with a CRASH! BANG! BOOM!! CLINK! as Zoey took a flying roundhouse leap onto my (over the top of my) desk and knocked off everything but the monitor and keyboard (at least there was nothing in the water glass).This, at 4:45 a.m...you'd have thought it would have woken me up. Alas, I was still awake, so I got outta bed and put things right and that's when Dulci came kind of limping into my room.She wouldn't or couldn't lift her head and her back was hunched and I thought she had to throw... Read More

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