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annoying rants, no one want s to hear.
Posted On 12/23/2010 00:43:27 by Malachi
I am desperate to find someone who does not care about anything but finding someone who will just give them the love they want/need or whatever.
I won't be back on here for about another month or more since no one ever gets past seeing my profile picture....obviously it is not just the younger generation that has low standards when it comes to what people call love....Shoes and nice cologne does not make a man!! neither does where he lives or how rich he is!!!! I am giving up hope... I have... Read More

What do you believe?
Posted On 08/04/2008 22:31:12 by BurnedCarrot
Driven to town takin' the long way, turning left to County C from Center, Mama in the passenger seat looken over at me when she say's "Katie baby girl, what do you believe?"

Mama I believe in pick up trucks, and the cow's they're haulin'
I believe in country roads and starry skies,
Country boys and the look in their eyes when they lie and say they love me,
They way i fall for it every time...
City boys 'cause they make me believe that there's hope for men out there.
The loo... Read More

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