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Da Job
Posted On 06/10/2009 12:55:24 by JuWells

Ok so I don't know why, when I HAVE time to blog I don't, and now that I have to be at work in 45 mins I wanna blog...

People are weird, yes?

So...SO much to tell about this job and the doggies and the kitties and the groomers and the pottymouth lady (every other word is "fu.ck") and the people and the SMELL of building two and the escape artists (and the Dobie who got out and then let HER FRIENDS OUT (the dogs she'd played with that day) and they had a total doggie party til they were discovered) and the horror stories my manager tells me about dog bites and cat attacks and how they used to take birds til a Rottweiler got outta his pen and ATE the poor thing! and falling down the hill and scary weather and doggies actually dying and people being rude and/or mean and at least one is apparently totally perverted .

We had a flame point Siamese in, prettiest cat I've EVER seen. Her name is Peaches. Everytime i went in there she just laid in her bed and looked at me like "You're not even CLOSE to be worthy of my attention" (you know how cats are), but then on Monday I had a few minutes left on my lunch so I went in to kitty-visit, and I put my nose right up to her "room."

There's chicken wire on the front of the kitty rooms, just so you know.

Anyhoo, I put my face up to her chicken wire, and she pops right outta her bed, comes right up to me and starts rubbing on the wire! I could only get a finger tip through the wire, but she rubbed against it like I was petting her, and she did rolly-pollies (she fell over on her side and showed me her tummy and rolled around) and she just did this HUGE show.

It was funny and so cute and charming. 

I then proceeded to tell everyone "I'm stealing Peaches."

Then her mom came to get her and I brought them back with me cuz apparently the little Peachtree is a biter.

Did you know that if you get a serious cat bite--like if you get a real puncture wound from a cat's teeth--that you HAVE to go to the hospital? For IVs and antibiotics?

Apparently cats have the second-dirtiest bite, after humans.

I did not know that.

Lisa, my manager, said she got attacked by a cat once and got about six puncture bites and her arm swelled up to twice its size and she hadda go to the hospital and another chick that works there, Carrie, had a bad cat attack and had to leave every three hours to get her IV fluid changed and to get the wounds cleaned out.

I learn about twenty new things every day at this job, lol.


Anyhoo, here is a pic of a Flame Point Siamese, for reference (SERIOUSLY the prettiest cat I've ever seen in person--her ears were literally orange!):



There are some REALLY cute dogs, too (lol).

Ugh, must start getting ready, I resolve to tell ya stories later on :)


Take care, everyone, and thanks to all who whooped the Universe's bottom to help me get this job (you know who you are)!

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06/11/2009 04:42:00

Ya can't beat a Burmese Moggy in my opinion

06/11/2009 03:30:29
Strange, I've been bitten by cats all my life and never had anything really bad happen........ Perhaps I've been lucky thus far.

06/10/2009 23:23:16
One of our kittens looks just like that siamese there. :D :D

06/10/2009 18:26:58
I didn't know that about cats and puncture wounds. I got bit on my toe from my cat here not long ago and that explains why I had a toe that hurt like hell and swelled up. I guess that gives a whole new meaning to cat scratch fever.

06/10/2009 13:56:58
Wow.   Hmm, though I'd say Komodo Dragons have the worst bite.  Some scientists found yet another thing in their bite that will slowly kill you, aside from the already awful bacteria they habor in their mouths.
Such a cute kitty!

06/10/2009 13:09:33
P.S.: after 3 shifts I'd lost 2 pounds, lol!

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