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redhead encounters
Posted On 11/06/2009 19:02:33 by tribalbreeze
today i went to two expo's the first expo i went to was a backpackers expo and when i went in i met two redhead ladies at different stands.the first redhead girl her name was natalie whom was showing me some backpackers places in europe then i commented to her about being a redhead and she said yes then i told her about the international rdhead movement and redhead websites to checkout and she said to me we are going extinct and i told her their is no scientific evidence to back that up and she was happy to hear that.after that i walked to another stand where a redhead girl whom name was rachel she had thick curly ginger hair so i said hello to her and again told her about a redhead movement and redhead websites for her to check out and we talked about being proud to be ginger and that she beleives their is a secret conection between redheads so after that i said to her have a nice day and a wqaled to the next expo in a different hall in a big exhibition centre which was called the "mind body spirit expo" i then procceeded to a reiki stand with chairs and met this beautiful slim ginger haired girl with freckles and her name was sarah, i asked her if she has a boyfreind and she said "yes and hes vietnamese" i was dissapointed to hear that and then she said "we are going extinct",and that" redheads are not meant to be together except in the animal world and not the human world" which made me qiute upset to hear because i was trying to tell her that redheads are the best people then i sat down and she gave me a 5 minute spiritaul healing session after that i got up and gave her a hug then walked away and now im on the internet sharing these experiences i had with redhead girls.its so fustrating trying to find a redhead gilrfreind.


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11/09/2009 06:06:32
haha, yes, try finding a redhead girlfriend when you're 42 and happily married to a blonde...

11/06/2009 23:25:53
you've got it easy. try finding a redheaded girlfriend when you're 43

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