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oh happy days....
Posted On 11/16/2009 16:23:07 by Raqueluchi

OK, my turn to have a blog just about me....just cause I feel like it, and just cause I can...call me what you will.....

Today I had a "first " in my life and it's not one I really wanted.  But today I got fired from my job!  I'm going to sign on the dole for the first time in my life.....!  My best friend got fired on Friday (13th.....then went on to lose her driving licence and get a fine of 1000 euro on the same day).  I had all weekend knowing that I more or less had "the chop" coming for me today (that really makes for a fun weekend!) as I was involved in the same sad story she was sacked for.....but I kind of thought, "no, not me, they can't, they wont".......but yes.....me, they can and they did....but we all know what the cut-throat world of timeshare is like.!!!!!!

So, without putting all my eggs in one basket, I better hope and pray that my application for teaching college gets accepted!

Tomorrow is another day...!


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11/21/2009 07:56:19
Better things to come... and we both know this to be TRUE!!  xoxo

11/19/2009 05:47:58

You think you got troubles, Roy Cropper's been pushed int cut by evil Tony, and.........................................................HE CAN'T SWIM !!!!!!! 

11/18/2009 06:56:45
thanks guys..! after a couple of nights sleep it all doesn't seem too bad!!  And Quipu...I'd love to say that it was for making inappropriate photocopies of body parts and emailing them to my boss but I'd be lying!  

11/17/2009 08:29:44
I'm sorry to hear that.  And as cliche filled as this sentence already seems, everything happens for a reason, and one day you'll realise you're better off for this happening.

11/17/2009 05:55:09

I do feel bad for you, Rachel. However, I have to admit I am insanely curious about what seems to be some exciting backstory left out...


11/17/2009 04:04:35
You get my best wishes and I am so sorry to hear you lost your job

11/16/2009 19:47:11
rachel, i hate it for you....  i hope the other job you're inquiring about works out for you.  maybe it will work out for the best?  :-)

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