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are you a naughty girl
Posted On 04/15/2009 15:22:20 by tyop

Would you kiss on the first date?

On the second date?
Obviously if there's a second date and I kissed on the first I'm probably going to want more or there wouldn't be a second date

Would you dress in skimpy clothes to attract guys?
I don't like guys.  I dress in skimpy things a lot when we go out, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist but only when I'm with her, I like showing off and making it really obvious that I am /HERS/ and they can't have me :p

If a guy flirts with you, do you flirt back?
No, I usually tell them to go to hell (or worse).  If a girls flirts then I almost always flirt back but I don't cheat on my girlfriend.  She knows how I am and she's fine with it, it turns her on.

Do you love it when guys ogle at you?
I love it when people check me out if I'm with her.

Do you like changing boyfriends every few months?
Um EW.  WTF is with these questions.  Anyway, NO, I like longer relationships if things are going well.

The naughtiest thing you have done with your boyfriend:
ugh.  I will assume you mean girlfriend.  We've had secks in a few public places.

How often do you party late nights?
Once a month or thereabouts.

Would you flirt with any guy or date him just to get your work done?
I tend to seduce Amanda into doing some of my work for me on a weekly basis :p

Are there photos on your facebook or myspace which you would dare not show to your family?
I assume you mean my redhedd,com or fetlife.com, yes, a few.

How would your friends describe you?  outgoing, wild, party girl or nice, friendly and helpful girl.
All of those, actually.  Probably leaning more towards outgoing, wild, party girl.

If a geeky guy asks you out, would you laugh out loud in his face or consider his invitation and think about it?
I would tell him to go to hell or something worse.  If it was a geeky girl and I was single then I would likely say yes.

Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?
I have never cheated on anyone.


According to the site I found this on, I am definitely a very naughty girl ... They really have no idea just how naughty .


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04/15/2009 15:48:30

you really hate men huh? were not all bad you know

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