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Total Policy Reversal
Posted On 11/03/2009 21:37:26 by steve


I know it's been like a day. But I have to tell you I mis you guys tootoomuch. I can't do it. I just can't make this all about the money.

Screw it, I'm going to go get a mop down at the corner mcdonalds and see if I can prove myself worthy of their hiring. 

Heck maybe I'll make fry commander by next month so I can pay that server fee.

I admit it. I fecked up. So here's my retraction: Redhedd is once again free. Always will be. Please enjoy it from now to eternity. And forgive my temporary lapse in better judgment.



p.s. if anyone that signed up for a VIP in order merely to stick around feels duped andwould like a refund I got ya covered. Message me and we'll hook you back up.


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11/07/2009 19:52:46
good man  but i dont mind paying to be a vip on redhedd

11/07/2009 11:38:25

Eeeeeeeeeeeep!  *hugs*

You're awesome :) 

11/07/2009 07:39:44

Oh the humanity.... seriously, drama, intrigue, humility (ok not so much of that red and all) but really man... what a month... Generated lots of convo and spectulation of both a positive and negative tone.   Here's the difference I see here on this site to others newly created and the more tenured.   Theres a person behind the screen.. ok wizard, schlock, nija superhero who pulled off a business that feels like a family.  

People will always amaze and disappoint give 'em a push and sure they'll push back.. but like a "family" there will be the problem children and the hero's the stars and the just regular kids... all of those (for the most part) had their place on here and held a spotlight on topics, and issues some not pleasant, others filled with love.   I just think that its rare you see something come full circle.. ya know  played out for you and you've got a front row seat (which was a freebie btw!! LOL)

So for whatever drove the decisions to stay or go, to pay or be free,  I really like the outcome.  Thanks!  Ei

P.S. Redhead-world is a bit odd and too new to really form an opinion about.. but  its like a poor mans deja vu... or perhaps a lost episode of the Twlight Zone... no joke it's redhedd lite.

11/05/2009 15:17:43

redhead-world? never heard of it.


11/05/2009 15:13:49
steve, I LOVE YOU!

11/05/2009 05:45:33
yee.! thanks steve.!!!

...i never liked redhead-world.net neways.!
redhedd rules.!

11/05/2009 01:39:25

Yea, the donation sounds like a great idea. Other sites have done the same thing with great results!

11/04/2009 20:08:47

I would be down for the donation thing, tis a great idea... We also need to think of ways to get some advertising up in here, that should assist with cost. If we all put or heads together, umm... gents--hopefully you know which one functions best--I'm sure we can come up with plenty of ideas and marketing schemes to get this puppy paid for and promoted as well!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! :)


Love to you all


11/04/2009 19:10:57
steve just out of curiosity how much does it cost you to keeep this site going out of your own pocket?

11/04/2009 11:25:08

make a dedicated donations list! how much does a server cost  accept donation up to that I

11/04/2009 06:54:29
I suggest setting up a donation link. I'd throw some extra cash your way.

11/04/2009 04:53:35
Great news! I knew you'd see sense Mr Warrington, have a burger on me.

11/04/2009 04:01:10

now i just feel like being a vip for the heck of it !!


i love you steve 

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