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United Breaks Guitars
Posted On 11/27/2009 13:42:44 by Quipu
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozoVery funny story behind this video. Watch the other videos to learn more.The gal playing Ms Irlweg is a very cute redhead. I found her on facebook and told her to check out redhedd.com and she said she would. Let's see if she shows up!
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Non Rev Travel
Posted On 03/25/2009 05:16:05 by Lunarstorm777
So, fun and games are on for my best friend and his family. He's being deployed soon to afghanistan with the army, which of course he's pissed about, but is part of being in the military I suppose..... So, before he gets shipped off to a little slice of hell, he wants to come home for a week to see all of us and have some fun...... Here in lies the problem......He's been trying to get out of colorado springs for 2 days now on a non rev pass..... Always a dangerous proposition because basically y... Read More

Here we go again with this crap
Posted On 09/13/2008 06:10:30 by Lunarstorm777
You know something, there was a freaking panic going on tonight in upstate S.C.... And do you know why? Oh I'm sure plenty of us do... I'm told that the southern coastal states are being the hardest hit with increased gas prices this hurricane around.... In fact two days ago reg unleaded was $3.39 a gallon....Tonight I go out and see a gas station at $3.98 a gallon and everyone and their brother is packed in trying to get some... I go further down the road and I see $4.09 and then $4.29...... Yo... Read More

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