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The Spiryt of Hellas
Posted On 01/05/2010 17:39:42 by konstantaro
the wind she beat down heavily from above
His presence saved her from that storm
it was only upon herself she decided she would shield him
His strength was no match for her beauty
for even in fairest of beauties the storm spilled tragic art across the night sky
her tragic heart knew only the depths

 He offered her

and upon this it was a heart that spilled sorrowful blood
taken from the depths of pain and loneliness, she weeps alone
looking in places fresh and new, it was into a strangers eyes she looked upon this night
in all it's haunting laughter, she recognizes it's familiar darkness
so dark was the razorblade smile
in her nightmares she creates her reality
a tortured existence, brought upon that bloody night
starless skies
she tread the path  
she follows to Him
The moon she shows a crimson eye behind the clouded sky
soft footfalls follow the pebbled path
dark eyes cast a sultry shadow on the unknown before her
lightening splits the night  upon a glimpse a heaviness pulls her down

falling to her knees the shadows encase her tortured soul

on this dark night she lets her freedom bleed on her knees...demon seed
the night it encompassed her every weakness
she surrenders to it's voice
eyes turned down kneeling in complete submission
just like in front of stern Mother Mary she sat, awaiting and wet

soft thighs spread cautiously ...
dark eyes lower as deft hands face down upon her desire unveiled
in complete submission to the night she surrenders

a night known of since she could remember, the devils trill
darkness spinning .. a countless stab of pain and passion deftly enter her soul
blind and on her back she was offered up to rapture, for a thousand days in Sodom

the gossamer winds lift her spirit to the highest skies
starless reigns allow her submission to enclose their being

it is within those spiritual skies she looks upon her empty soulless body in darkness
her heart sings the familiar song  
she feels the haunting melody become one with her
the violins sang in quiet harmony as the cellos walked her through hell
emptiness now encompasses her innocence
darkness faces each and every fear she holds close
like the canings her god suffered
 the switch drew curtains of blood across her small breasts

arching her back, she feels the coldness of the night
her slender body offered up to the very skies that own  her
the ground opens up and swallows her, leaving her amongst the dead...and their tales
darkness rules the once innocence of the night ..
black midnight skies sing her away to another place among the stars
so softly the angels kiss away her tormented tears
into a calm does she rest
and all that she knew in the quiet now consumes her soul
her legend becomes nothing among those who do not know her

slipped away in a liquid everdream she drifts evermore
demon like pleasures swim freely in her mind
she opens herself up to the night..
consumed by all that is dark
her heart enslaved by what she had always run from
those tortured images washed with blood
So silently they await her to come for them
the black curtain opened
haunting melodies sing to her as she rises

the very brightest candle of hope has been extinguished
the tragic wind carries every fear from her captive heart
The dark skies lift to bring her home
she wraps her naked body upon that of her fathers, Lord of  Storms
the suffering winds wrap her in a darkness that pulls
 from her the strength that He holds on to her with
as red as her hair, the sky rains bloody misery upon their separation

she knows her time has come to decide on the pain that exercises it's reign upon her
 her dreams of complete freedom

For herself it is she, who lives for her self tortures, dreams never come true
and now the fantasy that thrives deep within her soul takes root
she takes on the pain of the fantasy knowing it will bury her
as soon as it buries itself deep within her,
she will be lifted from this world one more time
rescuing winds will carry her away to another time
 only her beauty will come alive ..
awakening the spiryt of it's magic...
she listens to the soft footfall's of it's God
Mother Gaia she is blessed by,
 Upon it her own mothers love
 her obsessions of suffering will never hurt her
hands deftly crossed behind her back ...
dark eyes lower in submission to the starless skies ..
the moon lifts the softness of her soul
dissolving into a soft velvet to become one with the sky
aching for her to ascend

where it is she shall arrive
the angels shall kiss her harms away
where it is she shall know where her true love lies

He shows Himself through the darkness of the clouds
cloaked in a power that is familiar to her
from somewhere far away
it's haunting scent a comforting relief to her storms
every beat of his heart tore the lies all apart
she falls to her knees
face in her hands
her tears wash the silken skin
pouty lips take each sorrow wrapped inside of her soul ...
nightfall seems more near now than it ever has before
upon the night the moon lays a soft kiss upon her cheek
tear stained eyes showing she looks upon angel
the haunting moon lifts her weary soul to it's breast,
cuddling her closely as it's very core takes in her pain
swallows her sweet tears and heals her broken heart


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