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Redhead Day USA
Posted On 03/01/2010 12:39:29 by omen26

When I first heard about Redhead Day in Breda, I fell in love with the idea.  I wanted to go but I knew it would cost a lot of money which I didn't have.  With the US having the largest population of redheads, why don't we have one here in the states?  I'm sure we could get the same numbers as Breda if not higher.

I would appreciate everyones thoughts and hopefully one day ther will be a Redhead Day USA. 


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03/04/2010 17:40:16
Yep, I'd drive to Ohio, it's not that far from KY!

03/04/2010 03:15:16
Hey Omen and all,
Yea, commented back on your other blog's question but thought I might just say a big announcement may be coming within days.

03/04/2010 00:50:44

i'm all for it!

if only the idiots with the drugs and guns would let up for a day so i can attend...

and just to be on the obvious side, i highly recommend doing it on st. patty's in las vegas!

if not, then maybe chicago or new york?

03/03/2010 21:40:09
I think you're probably right about FB. 

03/03/2010 17:10:04

I posted this same blog on redhead-world.net and Celtic Curls said it might happen sooner than you think.  Not sure if he meant that something is already under way or not.

 I think the best way to get the word out would be through facebook.  There are a lot of redhead groups.

03/03/2010 14:33:17
Yeah...Chicago is good too.  What do you think it would take for the idea to maintain momentum and come to be?  Suppose there needs to be a way to get the word out to lots of redheads beyond just the ones that log on to this site on a frequent basis.  Perhaps pick a date and a venue and then start spreading the word and create a method to track interest/confirm attendance?

03/02/2010 01:12:24

I have been talking about this for ages since I joined the site... people get all excited but it seems to loose its momentum.

I think Ohio sounds fantastic, naturally because I am in Ohio. But I wouldn't be opposed to elsewhere, like Chicago?! Maybe a regional meet and then if that goes well a collaborative shindig?! 

03/01/2010 19:58:21

Seriously USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03/01/2010 17:41:30
Ohio's pretty central. 

03/01/2010 14:25:54
dublin ohio, they have a irish festival every year that we could use as a good stepping stone

03/01/2010 14:06:39
Great idea!  If it's kinda somewhere in the middle or an attractive destination, I'm sure a lot of Canadian gingers would go too. 

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