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global warming!
Posted On 01/07/2010 21:47:42 by elpelodelfuego
is a fecking scam! we had the coolest summer in my lifetime this year, the mississippi river is frozen over, its like -20 windchills..... in missouri! i mean the whole global warming scandal is like a trillion dollar industry and a ploy to administer world government. half the shiznit we are told by our government is a scam or a boldface lie! and.... thanks to the "people" we have the biggest con artist in the world as our leader! thanks "people"! hmmm...... what else...... santa is a fake too!


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01/09/2010 10:24:23
narrow minded? narrow minded is believing the hype without coming up with your own "opinions" or beliefs im glad there are so many scientists on this site to guide me in the right direction!

01/08/2010 20:11:46
dont be so narrow minded,i live in australia and we have had our warmest decade on record.the weather is becoming more imbalanced across the world which means if their is a heatwave in one part of the world then their is going to be a really bad cold snap in another part of the world so i agree with omni tomato,the increase in energy and fossil feuls will continue to have a negative impact and im sure someday you sceptics will wake up and realise the difference in climate change just look aty europe for example they could be heading for another ice age because the tropical ocean current is breaking down.

01/08/2010 14:29:39
What do you mean Santa's Fake? Next, you be telling me the Easter Bunny's fake to, right.

01/08/2010 12:42:58
yeah my thoughts exactly! global warming is bullshit!

01/08/2010 12:12:09
ok Omni you are saying that its cold because of global warming?? Yea ok whatever.

01/08/2010 02:20:31
Relax dude.. just because it is freakishly cold in one adnormal climate dosen't mean the entire world's climate isn't changing.. And for the record.. it's not all about warming as it is chilling. It's the entire gambit of weather control that is changing due to global warming. It's a very diverse problem...

01/07/2010 21:53:42
Santa is fake? 

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